Ratio 1: 250 (1 Litre of SSS per 250 Litre Water)


          1                              SSS

_____________   =   ______________

        250                         Water

There are two application methods Spray On or Scarify

Application method of EL-QUARTO SSS

  • Add EL-Quarto SSS to water source / water bowser at a ratio of 1:250;
  • Apply diluted EL Quarto SSS solution to evenly to the soil surface (adding
    sufficient water to achieve a soil moisture content of 1% over Optimum
    Moisture Content – OMC);
  • Mix EL-Quarto SSS with the soil and blade to final cut levels and shape.
  • Allow 2-3 days in clay material to allow to permeate. There is no
    maximum time-limit between application and compaction;
  • Commence to compact at 1% above OMC;
  • Sheep’s foot vibrator or normal roller may be used.
  • The treated section can now be finished off with a pneumatic compactor.
    Vehicle traffic will further compact the treated section – over time.
  • Following compaction stage, spray the surface with clean water at daily
    intervals for 5 days (as required);
  • You may then seal the layer with asphalt or sealant.
  • The treated soil or road surface becomes hydroponic or water repellent.
    The soil does not deteriorate in wet conditions thus resulting in improved
  • Dust is diminished by up to 90%. This reduces the need for frequent
    grading and maintenance actions. Monetary saver and continued safer
    driving conditions.