Pothole Repair with EL-Quarto SSS

Potholes are a common problem on roads and highways across the world. They occur when water seeps into cracks in the road surface and then freezes, causing the pavement to expand and crack further. Over time, the weight of traffic passing over the road can cause the pavement to break apart, creating potholes. In the United States alone, it is estimated that there are over 100 million potholes, causing millions of dollars in damage to vehicles every year.

Traditional methods of pothole repair typically involve filling the hole with asphalt or concrete, which can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive. However, there is a more cost-effective solution: EL-Quarto SSS.

EL-Quarto SSS is a soil stabilizer that can be used to repair potholes by strengthening the soil underneath the road surface. This helps to prevent further damage and reduces the likelihood of future potholes forming.

Application of EL-Quarto SSS is simple and straightforward. First, the affected area is scarified to a depth of 150mm and any large soil lumps are broken down. Then, EL-Quarto SSS is added to a water source at a ratio of 1:250 and diluted with sufficient water to achieve a soil moisture content of 1% over Optimum Moisture Content. The EL-Quarto SSS solution is then mixed with the soil and leveled to final cut levels and shape.

One of the key benefits of using EL-Quarto SSS for pothole repair is that it can reduce the cost of repair by up to 85% compared to traditional methods. This is because EL-Quarto SSS treated soil does not deteriorate in wet conditions, reducing the need for frequent grading and maintenance actions. Furthermore, the treated soil or road surface becomes hydroponic or water repellent, reducing the risk of further damage and helping to prevent future potholes from forming.