Gravel Road Construction with EL-Quarto SSS

Gravel roads are often the backbone of rural transportation, providing access to remote locations, homes and farms. However, maintaining gravel roads can be a challenge, with regular grading and repairs required to keep the road surface smooth and safe for traffic. Enter EL-Quarto SSS, a cost-effective solution to the maintenance and repair of gravel roads.

EL-Quarto SSS is a unique soil stabilization solution that enhances the performance of in-situ materials, making the road surface stronger, more durable and resistant to degradation. It is an effective solution for roads in wet conditions, reducing dust and erosion, improving trafficability and increasing safety.

Site Preparation for EL-Quarto SSS

The first step in preparing a road for EL-Quarto SSS treatment is to ensure that the final surface levels are appropriate, allowing for proper drainage. The soil should be scarified to a depth of 150mm and any large lumps should be broken up. The Optimum Analytics of EL-Quarto SSS is then conducted to identify soil reactivity and determine the best mix solution. The correct application ratios are calculated and the solution is added to the water source or water bowser at a ratio of 1:250.

Application Method of EL-Quarto SSS

The diluted EL-Quarto SSS solution is then applied evenly to the soil surface, adding sufficient water to achieve a soil moisture content of 1% over Optimum Moisture Content (OMC). The solution is then mixed with the soil, bladed to final cut levels and shape. Dust is diminished by up to 90%, reducing the need for frequent grading and maintenance actions, as well as providing safer driving conditions. The treated soil becomes hydroponic and water repellent, so it does not deteriorate in wet conditions, resulting in improved trafficability.

The treated section can be sealed with asphalt or sealant, and a pneumatic compactor is used to finish the surface. The surface is then sprayed with clean water for 5 days, and the treated section is compacted with a sheep’s foot vibrator or normal roller, commencing at 1% above OMC. In clay material, 2-3 days are required for the solution to permeate before compaction. There is no maximum time limit between application and compaction.

Benefits of EL-Quarto SSS for Gravel Roads

One of the main benefits of EL-Quarto SSS is its cost-effectiveness, reducing the cost of road construction by 20-60%. The treated soil or road surface becomes hydroponic and water repellent, so it does not deteriorate in wet conditions, resulting in improved trafficability and reducing the need for frequent grading and maintenance actions. The reaction of EL-Quarto SSS with the clay particles is permanent, with a track record of over 20 years of treated roads showing little or no deterioration over this time.

In conclusion, EL-Quarto SSS is an innovative solution for the construction and maintenance of gravel roads, providing cost-effectiveness, improved trafficability, and a reduction in maintenance costs. Its unique combination of performance-enhancing properties makes it a smart choice for any road construction project.